Groundhog Day Analysis

Topics: English-language films, Emotion, Love Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Hazel Sharpe
Mr. Dickerson
Period 2
8 February 2013
Groundhog Day Questions
1. The actions that were in Phil’s control were his everyday habits. The only thing he was not in control of was the fact that he would wake up every morning and it would be the same day every day. He was able to save all the lives of the people around him. He had the capability to kill himself when he wanted to, or try and save the lives of everyone around him. This affected him because he could control everything that went on around him every day. He was able to save peoples’ lives and ultimately win the woman that would save him in the end. If it had not been for all of the coincidental incidents that he “happened” to stumble upon, Rita would not have found him so interesting. Because of his unfortunate circumstance, he was able to have the woman he was in love with, fall in love with him. 2. Phil’s solution was to limit his own desires by putting everyone else’s life ahead of his own. He took it upon himself to save all of the people in the town. For example, he saves the little boy falling from the tree, the man choking on his steak, and a homeless man who he claims to be his father. By doing so, he does not necessarily resign himself to fate, but rather let himself dictate fate by knowing everything that is going to happen. His solution was to have Rita fall in love with him by seeing that he was a good man, and in the end his solution worked. 3. The life of the average person can be repetitive from time to time. Especially when one has a job and wakes up at the same time every morning and goes to bed the same time every night. Phil had a different circumstance. He was actually repeating the same day every day. The Groundhog-day experience would be frustrating because one would have no idea why the situation was happening. Phil had no idea why he was stuck in the same day every day, he just had to suck it up and deal with it. By doing so he saw the woman he loved every day and...
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