Ground Water Pollution

Topics: Water pollution, Water, Groundwater Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: August 1, 2012
Groundwater and Surface water Pollution

Surface waters are the natural resources of the Earth, which are found on the exteriors of the land. Ground water is water that comes from the ground, which comes from rain, snow and sleet. These types of waters can become polluted in a numbers of ways and come from a number of varied sources. All types of water pollution are harmful to the health of humans and animals. It may not affect or damage our health immediately but can be harmful after long term exposure.

Surface water pollution is the most visible form of pollution. We can see it floating on our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. One of the most evident forms is trash from human consumption. Water bottles, plastics and other waste products is often the most evident. It can also come from oil and gasoline spills which float on the surface as well. 40 percent of America's rivers are too polluted for fishing swimming or aquatic life. The lakes are even worse (Hearn). Over 46 percent are lakes are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life (Hearn). Oil spills are killing animals and damaging our oceans all over the world. They are sometimes the reason for animals becoming endangered. These spills don't only affect the marine life, but hum a life as well. The toxins in the oil or distilled products contaminate the air we breath. Some less volatile compounds such as PAHs may absorb on dust and other small particulate matter suspended in the breathing air and may get into our bodies through inhalation (Environmental Pollution Services). In affects us when we consume contaminated food such as fish. Some of the oil hydrocarbons such as PAHs bioaccumulate in fish and other organisms and may concentrate many times more than in water or other media (Environmental Pollution Services). This type of pollution is fairly easy to control. Avoid throwing litter into streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Disposing of oil, gasoline, paints and polishes should be done...
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