Grotesque Paper

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Grotesque Research Paper
Human beings, especially in today’s society, tend to be deceived by one’s physical appearance. One criticizes the other because of the way one look and how one presents one’s self. Human beings are unable to ignore an individual’s physical appearance and how the individual present themselves and look for the hidden personality beneath. Due to misunderstandings, a grotesque character is often thought of as the villain because of its appearance and how society induces the character to be bad. A grotesque figure in literature tends to be unaccepted and misunderstood by the readers because of how other characters treat the grotesque figure due to its unsightly physical appearance.

Grotesque characters in literature are often unaccepted by other characters in the story. Often times, grotesque figures are unaccepted and thought of as villains of the story or movie because of how society treats them. In the film, Frankenstein, society induced the grotesque character, which was the creature, to do the wrong doings. In doing so, the viewer of the film would feel sympathetic and at the same time disgusted of the character, making the character a grotesque figure. Hence, most of the time, grotesque characters in literature mean no harm to anyone, but yet grotesque characters tend to do the wrong actions because of how society make them commit crimes. If someone continuously tell an individual that their physical appearance is unappealing, that individual is going to revolt. Authors and directors continue to bring grotesque characters into the story or movie because they add a twist to the plot. Grotesque figures keep the audience guessing of what they are going to do next. The viewers adore grotesque characters because they feel both empathy and disgust about them. An individual would feel disgust because the character of the character’s unattractive looks. The characters, especially in Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands, were intentionally...
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