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  • Published: March 14, 2014
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As an Indigenous woman, Oodgeroo experienced first-hand the Assimilation policy and discrimination and thus, she shows her concern for the loss of freedom and culture of other Indigenous Australians through her poem “The Last of His Tribe”. This is evident in the first stanza when “change is the law. The new must oust the old.” Noonuccal’s use of modality for ‘must’ commands that the new, referring to the white Australians ‘must’ get rid of the old, referring to the Aboriginals. The emotive language and emphasis on “is” promotes that the Aboriginals will be forced to change by the laws implemented by the Non- Indigenous Australians. Oodgeroo refers this poem to Willie Mackenzie, the last of his tribe, in the first stanza “Old Pinnaroo lonely and lost here, last of your clan” she protests against the assimilation policy and discrimination which has affected Willie. The alliteration of ‘lonely’ and ‘lost’ is used to stress that he has nowhere to go because his tribe and culture was taken away. The last stanza emphasises the title of the poem that he is the last person of his tribe. Further on in the poem Noonuccal includes “In the Salvation Army Home” which has connotations that Willie is in the city at a place where homeless people go because his home has been taken away. In the last stanza “Displaced person in your own country” the paradox that Willie is lost and has no home, in his own country emphasises the discrimination he received and the effect of the assimilation policy. This clearly shows that Noonuccal experienced first- hand the assimilation policy and discrimination and thus through the effective portrayal of Willie McKenzie, in “The last of his tribe” shows her extreme concern for the loss of Aboriginal culture.

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