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Topics: Logistics, Urban area, Developed environments Pages: 23 (5590 words) Published: March 9, 2013
French e-grocery models: a comparison of deliveries performances

Bruno Durand1
University of Nantes Lemna France (

Jesus Gonzalez-Féliu
University of Lyon 2 Let France (

Bruno Durand is a Lecturer in Management Sciences at the University of Nantes, where he comanages the International Logistic fifth year university program in the Language Faculty (Department ssociation), he pursues his research work within the LEMNA (Nantes-Atlantic Laboratory of Economy and Management), more particularly in the field of e-logistics (e-grocery logistics) and in that of city logistics.

Jesus Gonzalez-Féliu is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS), and member of the Laboratory of Economy in Transportation (LET). He passed his Ph.D. in information and systems engineering in 2008 at Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy) in the subject of operations research applied to urban freight distribution solutions and two-echelon vehicle routing problems. His research interests include city logistics planning and policy, decision support systems, shopping trip modeling and the effects of e-commerce on urban mobility, transportation system optimization and performance and collaborative transportation.


Corresponding Author. Address: Université de Nantes, LEMNA, UFR de Langues, Département LEA, Chemin de la Censive-du-Tertre, BP 81227, 44312 Nantes Cedex 3



French e-grocery models: a comparison of deliveries performances


This paper proposes a discussion of three scenarios related to French e-grocery developments, in

shopping trip flows. One of our objectives will be to consider logistics solutions adopted by online retailers.

Firstly, we present the two basic models of B2C: order-picking on a dedicated site and in-store picking.

Secondly, we evaluate three distribution systems adopted by French e-grocery retailers. We focus in trips and, to this end, we will use an empirical simulation approach to make a comparison of the systems studied.

Keywords: e-Grocery, Warehouse-picking, Store-picking, Home Delivery (HD), Out of Home Delivery (OHD)



French e-grocery models: a comparison of deliveries performances 1. INTRODUCTION After a slow start, particularly in France, the BtoC (Business to Consumer) services is now booming sometimes leading to fractures, especially in logistics (order-picking and deliveries). It therefore seems urgent to be concerned with deliveries to Internet users, either directly at home or to pick-up points, because city logistics could become a key factor in online selling development success or failure. In the past decades, city logistics has been developed to deal with the main problems of urban freight distribution, studying freight movements in urban areas and proposing solutions to reduce congestion and pollution. Moreover, end-consumer movements, related to household supply, have recently been studied from a city logistics point of view (Gonzalez-Feliu and al., 2010). However, most of these studies take into account only traditional shopping trips, avoiding several categories of trips related to

e-commerce and teleshopping distribution channels. Moreover, e-commerce related studies focus on customer choices or optimization approaches in fields like culture and clothing (Taniguchi and Kakimoto, 2003; Rohm and Swaminathan, 2004), whilst e-grocery, one of the fields with stronger potentials, is less studied (Durand and Vlad, 2011).

For this reason we decided to focus on e-grocery. We wish, in particular, to focus on interactions between e-grocery end-consumer flows and city logistics systems. Thus, one of our objectives will be firstly to consider logistics solutions adopted by online retailers. We present the two basic models of...
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