Grocery Delivery Service Marketing Plan

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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SERVICE: Providing Customers with Grocery Deliveries

1. Target Market:

a. Seniors (lack of mobility or available transportation)

b. Handicap individuals

c. People who are too busy to get to the grocery store

d. People who are willing to pay for this service

➢ How to satisfy the target needs?

➢ Determine range of delivery service

2. What costs will be needed and what rate

a. Vehiclemaintenance, gasoline for deliveries, insurance

b. GPS system (possibly)

c. Internet web page/usage/access, etc…

3. Expected Results:

a. Satisfied customers who recommend our services to others

b. Profits (could possibly operate as a non-profit??)

4. Competitors (if services provided are in the Wausau area)

a. Meals on Wheels (somewhat comparable-does not deliver groceries just prepared meals and mainly uses volunteers to make deliveries).

b. Wausau To Go (only delivers meals from restaurants/delis).

➢ might not be a big issue


1. Product

a. Grocery delivery service

2. Place

a. Objective is to provide accurate, reliable, prompt and friendly grocery deliveries.

b. Service will need to be able to:

1. Gather the information (what to purchase and where to deliver).

2. Transport the groceries (driver’s license/proper vehicle & insurance/adequate storage in vehicle to store groceries while being transported).

3. Have knowledge of grocery stores in a given area. It would be good to contact stores in the area to make them aware of this service which could possible lead to working with the store.

3. Promotion

a. Sales promotions:

1. Flyers

2. Online (advertising/web page)...
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