Grizzly Man Film Report

Topics: Grizzly Man, Bear, Timothy Treadwell Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Grizzly Man Review
Isabel Qing Song
Feb. 28. 13
Editing Techniques

The film Grizzly Man is a thought provokingly edited expository documentary film. It has constantly put Timothy Threadwell’s extreme passion towards a life threatening animal and the real motive behind his wild and dangerous living style in debate with commentary voiceovers from the editor Werner Herzog. It successfully gave the viewer a realistic feeling towards who these people in the film really are, including Timothy and the people in varied relations to him, through using the footage that are usually cut off during the interviews. It has also shown us some of the rarest shots of the life interaction between human and bears in the history that could not be found else where or by another.

The argument of whether Timothy Treadwell is a real environmentalist and an eco-warrior worthy of respect, whom has died in contribution to spreading the message of protecting bears as he aimed, or was just being ignorant towards the safety borderline between human and nature, only because his fascination about bears has replaced his addiction for drugs and alcohol usage and in the end finally died horribly due to his addiction driven mode of thinking, lack of self-cautious, and irresponsible choice for life was strongly disputed through out the entire film. Warner near the end of the film has said “What haunts me, is that in all the faces of all the bears that Treadwell ever filmed, I discover no kinship, no understanding, no mercy. I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature. To me, there is no such thing as a secret world of the bears. And this blank stare speaks only of a half-bored interest in food. But for Timothy Treadwell, this bear was a friend, a savior.” I agree with Warner. To me, I think all the people in the interviews whom hold different objective towards Timothy are not exactly standing in contradiction to each other. They all speak a piece of the true side of Timothy and...
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