Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen

Topics: Tobacco, Dipping tobacco, Nicotine Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: July 10, 2008
When you first here of the word tobacco, most people immediately think of cigarettes. But what most people don’t know is that there are several different substances of smokeless tobacco available that will fulfill that nicotine need. The different ways to use smokeless tobacco are most commonly used through either chewing tobacco or snuffing tobacco. Chewing tobacco comes in forms of loose leaf, plug, or twist. Snuffing tobacco (snuff) is finely ground tobacco that can be dry, moist, or in pouches. However, the most popular way that people use smokeless tobacco today are called “Chew” or “Dip.” Chew falls under the chewing tobacco category and dip falls under the snuff category of moist. Among these two popular kinds of smokeless tobacco are different brands that make different flavors to better enhance the enjoyment and fulfilling effect the smokeless tobacco product gives out. Popular dip brand names are Skoal, Grizzly, Kodiak, Copenhagen, Timberwolf, Longhorn, and Hawken. Within each brand there are different flavors ranging from Mint, Straight, Wintergreen, Apple, Vanilla, Cherry, Berry, etc. In my experiences and with smokeless tobacco research, Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen is the best smokeless tobacco product on the market today because of the taste, the long cut texture, and the cheap prices.

Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen has two key essentials to its high quality taste. First, the refreshing, minty, invigorating, natural flavor of Wintergreen pleases the taste buds to give a tasty, tobacco, nicotine treat. This is a plus; however this is not the best element of the Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen taste. Grizzly is known in the “dipping world” to give the average nicotine lover, a kick in the butt. The buzz received off of a Grizzly product, in this case Long Cut Wintergreen, lasts a lot longer than other smokeless tobacco products. Discussion forums on the internet show, in particular “Where Dippers Meet,” the mountainous amount...
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