Gripe: Debt and Costs/ Tuition/ Books

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Kellin Babbs
Speech 1315

Gripe Speech

I am here to discuss how hard of a situation is has been for me to get back into school. I have been out of school for 10 years and never thought it would be this difficult. We hear every day the sayings and advertisements of “go back to school” or “continue your education, it’s as easy as 1-2-3”. Well, I’m here to say that I have had one heck of a time. From not having my parents push me in the right direction when I was younger to branching off and not finding out these things until later. I certainly don’t want to say it is too late to go back to school but I do feel to be a late bloomer. Anyhow, when I first got into Austin, I had to go back and forth to the campus 4-5 times without having any accurate information from a counselor. I mean, I’m a hands on person. I know I am not the only person that has had a hard time getting into school, or understanding how. Now that I’m in it, I feel lots better but of course it has been a very hard time coming from a 9-5 job and then straight to another job to pay the bills. First off, I learned that it is not free. No matter how many ads and people I had spoken to telling me “oh yeah, school is free”. It certainly has not been for me at least. I had a few small grants but nothing that was enough to help out with my living costs/ tuition/ books, thus leaving me to the device of taking out student loans. Since then I have been seeking scholarships but have not had the greatest luck. With this information that I have provided, I have now taken one loan out and this is my first loan. I still work two jobs picking up shifts at a bar on a weekend and receiving a student loan. I shouldn’t have to take a loan out that I am going to pay back years from now. I am having to work two jobs and do two classes a semester which to get to any or the degree that I want, will take years thus leaving me with a huge amount of debt I owe. Now, I am still lost just finding my own balance of work...
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