Grim Reaper

Topics: Ocean, Death, Discworld Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Don’t Fear the Reaper

The sun was just setting over the trees and I could feel the fear start to set in. it started at my feet and worked its way up my body, taking me as its prisoner. Know it was going to be harder to see my pursuer. Not that I wanted to see it. I started to walk a little bit faster through the damp, ancient forest. I needed to get to the beach as fast as I could before it got completely dark. As I started to jog toward the sound of the beastly ocean I tripped on an old twisted root and landed on the damp and rotting floor of the forest. I got up and wiped my face on my sleeve, trying to get the disgusting decomposing crap off of my face. I spit to get the musty taste of leaves and worms out of my mouth. I started toward the roar of the ocean and that’s when I heard it, the sound of running foot steps behind me. I didn’t even need to look behind me to see what was coming after me, I already knew. I don't know how I knew, I just did. I started running even faster until the wind was screaming like a banshee in my ears. The trees slapped me in the face, cutting me, hot blood reaching for my chin. My heart was beating to the rhythm of Indian war drums. My feet to the speed of a drum roll. Behind me I could hear branches snapping like bones and footsteps pounding the ground. I just kept running. I needed to get to the beach. I could taste the salt in the air, and I could feel the oceans stomach vibrate around me. I was close. My legs started to feel like they had weights on them, but if I slowed down my fate would surely be out of a horror movie. I ran, no, sprinted to my tired body’s limits. THUD! I felt my face hit the earth. I had tripped again! I started crying, liquid fear running down my face. I knew that I had no chance. I tried to get up and run anyway, but I was pushed back down from behind. The creature took me by the shoulder, and like a feather, flipped me around to face it. Right before me stood the Grim Reaper. I screamed, but no...
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