Grignard Reaction

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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NameLab Section

GTA Station

1.Grignard Reaction

Post-lab report

Fill out the appropriate sections below. Show all work. Your calculated answers need to match the answers in the table. Also, attach the benzophenone and product spectra. Indicate appropriate stretches including differences in both spectra.


| | Amounts and units | |Initial volume of bromobenzene | | |Initial weight of bromobenzene (g) | | |Initial weight of magnesium (g) | | |Initial weight of benzophenone (g) | | |Limiting Reactant | | |Final amount of product | | |Theoretical yield | | |% yield | | |melting point (°C) |Not Determined |


Complete the following questions and submit with your report. 1. Propose the starting materials needed to prepare the following compounds by the Grignard reaction (in pen), using phenylmagnesium bromide as the Grignard Reagent.


2. If the reaction tube is washed with water but not dried thoroughly, what side product is formed (draw the reaction in pen and name the product)?

3. If the bromobenzene is added too quickly, what side product is formed (Draw the structure in pen and name it!)?

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