Topics: Knights of the Round Table, Knight, Knights Templar Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: March 14, 2013
I awoke in the morning feeling like it would be a good day. I ate breakfast as usual, then went on to do my daily chores and attend to my masters needs.After I finished caring for my master’s horse,I went to meet up with a friend in the court. Shortly after arriving, another squire came in, on horseback, with a knight who looked pretty roughened up like he was attacked. He explained to the whole court about a knight who had set up pavillion by the fountain just up the road and had attacked his master, Sir Miles. “He was a good knight”, he proclaimed with a tear in his eye,”Arthur, I beg you to please see to it that he be buried, and have a knight avenge my masters death.” This is my chance,i thought to myself,to get out the captivity of being anothers errand boy, to become a true knight of Camelot. I walked up to Arthur, gathering all my courage and confidence to speak, i said “King Arthur, although i am of a young age, I plead to you to allow me to become a knight, so I may avenge Sir Miles death, and stop this knight of the fountain to stop hurting more people” Quite puzzled, he replied,”Squire Griflet, do you know what you would be getting yourself into? “Yes, my lord”I replied boldly,” I’m ready to prove that i’m something more than a squire and I will be a valuable asset under your command.”He seemed very convinced in my choice of words. “Well then, I see that you are ready, so I dub thee sir-”He was stopped mid sentence by Merlin, His advisor. “Arthur are you sure about this?” Merlin said uneasily,” Young Griflet is one of the best squires’ we have, and shows promise of being one of the best knights to serve under your name, and in the knights of the round table” “Although you may be right, he seems very sure of what he’s doing, and what I will be expecting from him from now on.” he then turned to me,” Squire Griflet, I now dub thee Sir Griflet”

As soon as he said those words, my life had...
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