Grievance Redressal System

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Grievance Redressal System

The human behavior differs from person to person. Every employee has certain expectation which he thinks must be fulfilled by the organization he is working in. It is not possible for the management to satisfy the feelings & ego of all the employees.

It is therefore, but natural that workers have grievances against their supervisor or a whole or against the systems & practices, which are followed in the organization.


“A grievance is a complaint of one or more workers in respect of wages allowances, conditions of work & interpretation of service stipulations, job assignment & termination of service.”

Meaning and Nature of Employee Grievance

According to Michael J. Jesus the term “grievance” means “any discontent or dissatisfaction, whether expressed or not and whether valid or not, arising out of anything connected with the company that an employee thinks, believe or even feels, is unfair, unjust, or inequitable,” This definition is very broad and covers all kinds of dissatisfaction which an employees has while doing his job. A grievance means any discontentment or dissatisfaction arising out of anything related to the enterprise where he is working. It may not be expressed and even may not be valid. It arises when an employee feels that something has happened or is going to happen which is unfair, unjust or inequitable.

Faith Davis has defined grievance as “any real or imagined feeling of personal injustice which an employee has concerning his employment relationship.” A grievance represents a situation in which an employees feels the something unfavorable to him has happened or is going to happen. In an industrial enterprise, grievance may arise because of several factors such as:

a)Violation of management’s responsibility such as poor working conditions, b)Violation of company’s rules and practices.
c)Violation of collective bargaining agreement.,
d)Violation o labour laws,
e)Violation of natural rules of justice such as unfair treatment in promotion.


i.The discontentment arises out of something connected with the organization. The sources of grievances lie within the company such as unfair treatment buy the supervisor, violation of company rules, etc. Personal reasons such as illness in the filthily, conflict with a neighbor, etc, do not constitute a grievances. Such outside sources are beyond the control of the employer.

ii.A grievance may be expressed or implied. It is comparatively easier to identity express grievances. They are manifested in several ways, e.g., gossiping, active criticism, argumentation, increased labour turnover carelessness in the use of tools, materials and poor workmanship, etc. Grievances are also implied by indifference to work, day dreaming, absenteeism, tardiness, etc. It is not wise to recognize only expressed grievances and overlook the unexpressed ones. In fact, unexpressed or implied grievances are more dangerous than the grievances which are stated because it is not known when the implied grievance may explode. It requires a high order o skill for an executive to identify such grievances.

iii.The discontent may be rational or irrational. Rational grievance is a genuine one which must be removed by the management. On the other hand, there are grievances which are emotional in nature and are based on sentiments, distorted’ perception, lack of proper thinking, etc. These are totally irrational or psychological. It is difficult to handle such grievances.

Causes of Grievance:

i.Grievances resulting from management policies
a)Wage rates or scale of pay
d)Transfer-improper matching of the worker with the job
e)Seniority, promotion, and discharges.
f)Lack of career planning and employee development plan.
g)Lack of role clarity.
h)Lack of regard for collective agreement.
i)Hostility towards a labour union
j)Autocratic leadership...
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