Grievance of the 3rd Estate

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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During the 18th century the system of how people in France were placed in categories by their money and or their title. This was called the Ancien Regime; the people were divided into 3 categories: The Clergy, Nobility, and Commoners or Medieval ranking named the 3rd, 2nd and 1st estate respectively. The 3rd estate were commoners and mainly really poor workers who worked under harsh conditions for little pay. This estate; the commoners were the ones who rose up against the other two and started the French Revolution. Their main grievances were; the nobility spending their money unwisely, the country's growing debt, and the fact that they were starving while the nobility had an excess of food. The nobility during this time were very bad at managing their money, they were having extravagant parties, using jewels and gold to make their jewelry, and building over the top palaces. This was seen by commoners as a waste of money, using the countries wealth to just buy things that were unnecessary. The nobility believed it was their right to spend the money as they wanted and that the commoners would just have to accept this. This worked for awhile but the commoners wouldn't take their not having a voice for much longer. The country’s debt still growing from their wars and the war in the Americas is making the countries debt rise to epic proportions: 50% of their money went towards interest, 25% went to their military, and 6% went to the upkeep of Versailles. This continued for a while until the 3rd class finally decided that the country needed a change to get it out of debt and change the structure of their society. The 3rd estate during this time were very poor and earned very little pay; at this time the price of a lot of the basic staples food was rising because of the nobility while the wages were not growing to keep up. Many people died from starvation because as all of the debt,instability and anger of the 3rd estate and the country was building, a cold weather...
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