Grievance Handling Systems in Telecom

Topics: Trade union, Collective bargaining, Strike action Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Question about collective bargaining – The concerned management party 1. What type of union-management cooperation exists?
2. What is the history of collective bargaining in Ethio telecom ? 3. Who are the parties involved in collective bargaining 4. What is the role of elected officials / Executives in collective bargaining? 5. Who negotiates on behalf of the management and why?

6. What are the mandatory subjects of bargaining?
7. The arrangements of CB and Who is covered?
8. The level collective bargaining considered in Ethio telecom? 9. What approaches usually used in CB?
10. What are the steps in the collective bargaining process? 11. What challenges are faced in CB activities in your company ? 12. If there is no common consensus with the union in CB, What type of industrial action the union can engaged in by the side of the management, such as lockout 13. What effect did the federal laws have on collective bargaining? 14. What are the last five years collective bargaining summaries- the issues addressed?

Interview Questions about grievances- to the concerned management party 1. Is there any party that redress employees grievances in your company ? if there ,who? 2. What are the possible causes of grievances in Ethio telecom? 3. The type grievances usually appear in Ethio telecom?

4. How does the management discover if grievances occur ? the mechanisms? 5. What styles are usually applied by the concerned managers to handle grievances ? 6. The procedures of handling grievances , is there any written manual for this ? 7. Who is the last party to hear employees grievances ?

8. Are proper records maintained on each grievance?
9. Are the procedures for conveying grievance simple and easy to utilize? 10. Is there any informal channel to redress employees grievance? 11. Does the responsible party constantly inform the employee on what is being done about his...
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