Grievance Handling

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1.0 Introduction
Various organizations are aware about the diversification of the employees’ traits and characteristics. Instead of letting these individuals affects the culture of the organization, it is the corporate culture that tends to affect their behavior. Still, there are chances that within the organization, the collision and clash of ideas might turn into arguments. In order to bring back the harmony inside the organization, the management is engaged in handling the different faces of issues to maintain the life and the employees’ relationship.

Grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction that affects organizational performance. As such it can be stated or unvoiced, written or oral, legitimate or ridiculous. If the dissatisfaction of employees’ goes unattended or the conditions causing it are not corrected, the irritation is likely to increase and lead to unfavorable attitude towards the management and unhealthy relations in the organization. The formal mechanism for dealing with such worker’s dissatisfaction is called grievance procedure.

All companies whether unionized or not should have established and known grievance methods of processing grievances. The primary value of grievance procedure is that it can assist minimizing discontent and dissatisfaction that may have adverse effects upon co-operation and productivity. A grievance procedure is necessary in large organization which has numerous personnel and many levels with the result that the manager is unable to keep a check on each individual, or be involved in every aspect of working of the small organization.

The success of grievance procedure may be judged differently depending on whose perspectives one task. Management may view the number of grievances filed & the number of settled in its favor as measures of effectiveness. A small number of grievances filed or a large portion settled in its favor would be indications of success. From the union perspective, however, a large number of grievances filed & small number of settled in favor of the company may indicate success.

Other metrics for gauging grievance procedure effectiveness are the level in the grievance procedure at which grievances are usually settled; the frequency of strikes or slowdowns during the term of labor agreement; the rates of absenteeism, turnover & sabotage; & the necessity of government intervention.

2.0 Statement of the problem

Every employee has certain expectations, which he thinks must be fulfilled by the organization he is working for. When the organization fails to do this he develops a feeling of dissatisfaction & can be result grievances. There are certainly some of the causes that can lead to grievances.

I) Economic reasons: Wage fixation, Overtime, Incentives, Allowances, Increments etc II) Work environment: Poor physical condition of workplace like unsafe working condition, illumination, poor ventilation etc III) Supervision: Relate to the attitude of the supervisor towards employee such as perceived notions of bias, favoritisms, Regional feelings etc IV) Work group: Employee is unable to adjust with his colleagues, Suffers from feelings of neglect, Victimization & becomes an object of ridicule & humiliation etc V) Miscellaneous: Issues relating to certain violations in respect of promotions, Continuity of service, Transfer, Disciplinary rules, Fines, Granting leaves, Medical facilities, favoritism etc

There are several issues/problems identified to study the effectiveness of grievance handling mechanism. The mainly identified problems are Settlement at lowest level, Speedy settlements, Simplicity, Training of supervisors regarding grievance handling mechanism.

The brief explanations about the issues/problem are following.

Speedy settlement- This refers to the time that elapses between the time a complaint is issued and the time any action by management is initiated...
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