Grievance and Arbitration: A Conversation with Ms. Velma Thomas

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Grievances and Arbitration
Veola Bryant-Wallace
Columbia Southern University
BHR 4350-11I-2B12-S1, Collective Bargaining
November 27, 2012
Professor David Moody

Grievance and Arbitration a Conversation with Ms. Velma Thomas My conversation or interview with Ms. Velma Thomas union representative for the Civic Service at NAMTO Norfolk, Virginia consisted of the following questions: In your opinion, what is a grievance? A grievance is a complaint against an employer by an employee on a contractual violation. In other words no matter how clearly and objectively a contract is written, disputes will generally rise during its enforcement. Only on few occasions have I seen a grievance not be disputed for one reason or another. The functions of negotiated grievance procedures go beyond merely furnishing a basic forum for employee complaints. Contractual grievance procedures also help resolve differences in interpreting the written agreement, protect the rights of the union, avoid strikes over contract application, identify new issues for negotiations, and, in general, promote labor management peace in living together with the contract (Thomas, 2012). How does a grievance work and its processes? First, a bargaining unit employee must first take up his/her grievance with his immediate supervisor. Second, the supervisor will meet with the employee in an attempt to resolve the problems. Third, employer will render an oral decision no later than three working days. Fourth, if no satisfactory settlement is reach the employee contracts the union. Fifth, employee must put his grievance in writing to the Department Director with five working days. Sixth, the grievance will contain details of the complaint and the provision seeking. Seventh, the employer and their representative will meet the employee and the union representative to discuss course of action. Eight, if both parties cannot come to an amicable agreement then the grievance goes before the Arbitrator. If the...
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