Grey Wolf: Should They Be Hunted to Maintain Population?

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Wolves Should be Hunted
The Grey Wolf was reintroduced in the United States in the mid 1990’s after years of extinction. In 1973 Northern Rocky Mountain wolf subspecies were listed on the endangered species list. In 1980 congress started talking about reintroducing the wolf back into the U.S. Since then this has been a heated debate. Animal rights activists were all for bringing the wolves back while many other opposed it. (Wolf Reintroduction: How the Wolves Came Back) The thing that the government forgot to think about was that they were reintroducing a wolf that was not native to the U.S. and that this wolf was much bigger, aggressive, and used to much harsher weather conditions than the Timberwolves native to the U.S., when they decided to introduce Canadian Wolves. Canadian wolves weigh from 160 to 180 pounds, they are huge killing machines. Upon reintroducing gray wolves they also promised that once the wolves reached a certain population, they would be hunted to keep the wolf population to a sustainable number.

The government first reintroduced the Canadian Gray Wolves into the Yellowstone National Park and Idaho. They started with 35 Canadian Gray Wolves. They said their plan was to increase the wolf population to 300 and to at least 30 breeding pairs across Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. The government then promised that states that were forced to accept wolves would be able to manage them once they reached a healthy breeding stock and were settled. The Government said that the reason for the reintroduction was to control the Elk population that had grown out of control in the Yellowstone National park. (Harkings, 2009) They argued by bringing a natural predator back into the ecosystem that this would take care of the over population of elk naturally. They said that the wolves would come in and take out the elk that were sick and failing. In the beginning this worked, however when the elk number were back to where they should be and...
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