Grendel Retelling Beowulf

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Beowulf perspective essay

Hey there Grendel, what have you been up to? Oh I have been stocking up on food for the winter and trying to not be disturbed by those humans having the time of their lives singing and being annoying, what about you Merith? I’ve been trying to settle down and find someplace to live. Wait! Shh. Do you hear that Merith? Ugh this is the fourth time this week that those idiot humans have been partying and disturbing every one! I'm going to go teach them a lesson . I wouldn’t do that Grendel. And why not Merith? Are you not upset that they keep you up and torture your ears with their jolly making? Well it isn’t the best stuff I’ve heard, but they are scary, I am not going near them. Fine suit yourself, I will go alone. Be careful Grendel, don’t do anything rash. Whatever Merith, ill see you later.

Stupid humans thinking that they can do whatever they want. Why don’t they think about others for a change, oh I know because they are stupid! Ugh, I hate this snow, why dose it have to be so deep! Stupid nature, why don’t you snow somewhere else for a change. I’m sick of everything here I want to leave, but I don’t want to leave mom. But she can fend for herself right? No, it wouldn’t be right if I left her. Finally, I can see the hall they are in, only a little bit longer. When I get there ill just scare them out of their wits so they wont come back.

OK, how do these door things work, oh screw it, ill just kick them in. Wow there’s a lot of people here. Why are they all screaming, I haven’t done anything yet. “Stop screaming!” Ill have to make an example of what will happen to them if they don’t stop. Hmm, maybe if I kill one of them they will stop screaming. Ill pick one up and rip them in half, yeah that will be good. That was fun, and I like the taste, maybe one more. Ugh that only made them worse. “raughhh!” “Fight me beast!” hmm isn’t that their king? I probably shouldn’t mess with him. I will...
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