Gregor Mendel Biography

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Biography of Gregor Mendel

From what I remember, Gregor Mendel used to come up in every biology textbook that I’ve had to use since middle school, and apparently having seen his name multiple times did not help me remember much of his work. So to give it another try at knowing who this person is and his contribution to science I decided he was the best choice. Gregor Mendel, like many of the most famous scientists, was a man of patience. For more than a decade, Mendel experimented with thousands of pea plants to find an explanation of why plants had different characteristics, and reached to two conclusions. His first conclusion was his Law of Segregation, which said that dominant and recessive traits are passed down randomly from parents to offspring. He also provided and alternate way of heredity through his Law of Independent Assortment, which established the idea that traits were passed down independently from traits from parent to offspring.

Although his work was overlooked for some period of time, his work later became appreciated by biologists and botanists who were also doing work on heredity. Mendel’s work became the basis and formed the foundation of genetics, in the study of heredity. Although all his work was done through experimentation with pea plants, his laws can be applied on all living organisms that exist today. With his work, people have been able to create anything as crops resistant to harsh weathers reducing the risk of famine, and been able to modify certain traits not just in agricultural life to our benefit. In medicine, doctors have been able to practice preventative medicine now that they know that certain people are at risk for certain diseases.

There’s a lot more things, just think how much Mendel’s help at understanding heredity has benefited the human race.
Gregor Mendel was born Johann Mendel on July 22, 1822, to Anton and Rosine Mendel, on his family’s farm in Austria. He was given the name Gregor...
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