Gregor Case

Topics: Marketing, Brand management, Advertising Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: November 29, 2010
What is the status of Gregor company in January 2002 when the competitive study was commissioned? Take into account all the critical information needed.

The Gregor Company has identified that the Protective Garments Department, which accounts for 10% of turnover, has yielded a gross profit of -2%. This negative profit margin can possibly be attributed to high manufacturing costs as well as a lack of marketing efforts. When analyzing the company we can see that: •They have a goal to turn a profit in the Protective Garment Department •The focus of Gregor is to increase its market share of 22% while focusing on the industrial market. •The strengths of the company are a high quality product, more options than the competitors and a large market share •The weaknesses of the division is low brand visibility and higher price Within the structure of the company’s sales we can see that their customers are the industrial users who are broken down into Construction and Civil Engineering (CCE), Agriculture, Mining and Other Industries (OI). The decision processes of the buyers are represented by different influences across different sectors. Some of the influences are price, toughness and shape The brand awareness of Gregor is very low and is barely advertised. The competitive study suggests that many retailers did not mention Gregor as a brand. In contrast, the awareness of the Gregor brand is high among resellers at 82.5%. The distribution channel is also not optimal for Gregor. They have a lot of small clients (169) that only account for approximately 10% of profits. Gregor’s selling concept is based on regional divisions where 75% of sales came from regional networks. What is the Marketing Strategy you propose to revive the company? The marketing strategy proposed to Gregor will focus on several factors which are outlined below. The first is: Product - When evaluating what the different segments of the market it would benefit Gregor to expand its product...
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