Greeting and Word Aloha

Topics: Greeting, Hawaii, Love Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: May 21, 2013
When I’m done you’ll have an understanding of the Hawaiian word Aloha. You will be able to understand its mana (strength) How to feel and when to say it. When someone or you say ALOHA!!! Do you know the meaning and what the word represents? You need to know this because the word is more than just saying Hi, goodbye or I love you. What’s the sense of saying Aloha if you don’t know what it means? (right?) I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Kauai, of course the Westside, were every day at school our Kupunas (teachers) would teach and preach on the Word Aloha. You would receive a slap across your head if you didn’t know its meaning or when to say it. So I know a thing or two of Aloha. There are many different ways of explaining its true meaning but I want to be blunt and direct to the point. I will explain how to feel when saying the word Aloha, when to say it and some of many meanings. First I would like to share the Hawaiian dictionary meaning of Aloha which I got from Aloha, love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity; greeting, salutation, regards; sweetheart, lover, loved one; beloved, loving, kind, compassionate, charitable, lovable; to love, be fond of; to show kindness, mercy, affection; to venerate; to remember with affection; to greet, hail. The common greetings follow: Aloha ʻoe, may you be loved or greeted, greetings (to one person). Aloha kāua, may there be friendship or love between us, greetings (to one person); dear Sir. Aloha kākou, same as above, but to more than one person. Ke aloha nō! Aloha! Greetings! Other way to explain its meaning some would break it down to an abbreviation. “A” would stand for Akahai which means gentle. “L” for Lokahi which means unity. “O” for ‘Olu ‘Olu which means agreeable. “H” for Ha ‘aha ‘a which means humility, humble. “A” for Ahonui which means patience. Many people are though this way which is good and simple. The...
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