GreenTech Consultant: Business Plan

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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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SGS 4613



(Green Technology: Transportation)

Chew Wei ChuangAG070034
Nuur Atiqah HassanAG070190
Siti Yasmin YaakubAG070213
Nurul Ain Mat MesriAG070182


This business plan proposes a consultant company for transportation that promotes the use of green technology under the name of GreenTech Consultant. GreenTech consultant is aiming to be one of the top green technology consultants that provide and use town planning, architecture and geo-spatial technology. This company is focusing on government and private sectors dwelling in the business of transportation in Johor especially at Iskandar Developement Region. Aiming to reach break-even point by fifth year, GreenTech Consultant targets an annual cash saving of RM2, 000,000 per year. This is a realistic target as the current market has only two green technology consultant companies for transportation which are Garuda and RapidKL.


Vision: To be a well established and experienced green technology consultancy for transportation system in Malaysia. Mission: Designing and planning transportation system with implementation of green technology and geospatial technology for nation good.


Here, we would like to propose a compatible and profitable business plan that related to green technology with implementation of geospatial technologies such as remote sensing, GPS and GIS. In this business plan, this is a green technology consultancy firm where focuses on designing and planning environmental friendly and cost benefit transportation system. In designing and planning process, green technologies and concepts are implemented in the conjunction with town planning, architectural design and different geospatial technologies in order to produce persuadable and applicable transportation system to clients. In this initial stage of the business, this company will focus on providing advices to any transportation related party who located in Southern Johore Iskandar Development Region and yet interested in applying green technology on their business. In designing and planning for each transportation system, our company will implement town planning and geospatial technologies to establish the whole system at the most suitable location, minimize resource usage and cost effectively. Besides that, we will also try to maximize the usage of green technologies in that transportation system based on architectural knowledge and technique so that the planned system is environmental friendly. For instances, we apply solar energy and LED light to minimize the electricity usage, rain water catchment and reuse for certain applications, air source heat pump for controlling temperature and planting with various kind plants for Light Rail Transit (LRT) terminal, bus and taxi terminal, bus and taxi stations, petrol stations, airport, and highway tolls. In many developed countries, implementation of green technology is a new trend of buildings and infrastructures design like San Francisco has announced a new future green bus transit center in couple months ago where rainwater catchment, wind turbines, geothermal power and a rooftop park were designed for this project. In the recent years, implementation of green technology in different sectors has become an attractive and hot international issue because of many global environmental issues especially global warming and ice melting at the poles. Moreover, Copenhagen agreement that held on December 2009 has involved 100 countries to sign that agreement for reducing carbon emission by certain amount before year 2020. Malaysia has promised to reduce 40% of carbon emission by the deadline which is year 2020. As the consequences, Malaysian government is started to give attentions on the implementation of green...
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