Greens Diversity in Millet Farms

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Uncultivated greens diversity in Millet farms

My first encounter with millets was in the month of August 1987 when I visited our family farm as new bride. What a beautiful sight it was! Amazing landscape, the diverse crops which are horizontal, vertical, stalk, bushy and small sized plants are accommodated and nourished well. It was a replica of joint family that the Indian society sustains.

Later on in February 1995, I joined Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) of Medak district Managed by Deccan Development Society (DDS) an internationally known NGO for its efforts in creating autonomous communities situated near Zaheerabad which is about 6 km from our house. With a Masters degree in Food and Nutrition my interest in local food and agriculture system provided me wonderful opportunities to unlearn and understand inner meanings of millet culture. My Husband’s Grandmother was seed saver and his mother inherited the skills in selection and storage of seeds. She earned respect as seed provider They both enriched my understanding by sharing their knowledge.

The millet farms in Zaheerabad region traditionally had a very important component of embedded biodiversity. On their lands one could see, millets stand next to pulses and pulses stand next to oilseeds and oilseeds stand next to vegetable. As a combination, millets, pulses, oilseeds and vegetables made a perfect combination of completely nutritious meal possible in the lives of the dry land people without having to spend a single paisa on outside food purchases.

Astonishingly within this gamete of ecological agriculture there is the issue of uncultivated foods which are also called as wild greens by people and designated as weeds by scientists. It is a kind of ecological agriculture pattern that sustains uncultivated foods. Certain crops in certain seasons in certain agriculture fashion allow lot of greens to come up on their lands without consciously cultivating them.

Addition of farmyard manure enhances...
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