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Innovation is a primary concern of industry and logistics services are constantly looking for ways to innovate in order to gain competitive advantage revolutionary. Green innovations can have a major impact in reducing the environmental burden of this industry particularly in terms of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The collaborations can also engage with industry and play a role by providing the right environment for companies to innovate. As a result of the global warm today, it is evident that there is a need for integrating green innovations in logistics. Many countries around the world have adopted the practice of green logistic. Malaysia is one of these many countries. Malaysia unlike countries like Singapore and so one are still trying to adopt the practice of green innovation in logistics. One of the big challenges facing the Malaysian industries at present is creating a long term sustainable society with the least possible negative environmental impact. A new approach of green innovations to logistics emerged in the early 2000s which went beyond the standard logistical imperatives for efficient, effective and fast handling and movement of goods and took into account measures for protecting the earth's environment or sometimes, it was referred to green logistics approach. The green logistics refers to plan, control, management and implementation the logistics system through the advanced logistics technology and environmental management, aiming to reduce the pollutant emission.

2.1Global Conference on Operation and Supply Chain Management (GCOM 2012) Proceeding In order to create sustainable development, green logistics must be implemented to improve the quality of environment in the logistics industry. The word logistics originates from a Greek word ‘logos’ which means something that conveys information. Meanwhile, another Greek word ‘logistiki’ is defined as financial organization. Logistic activities can be described as transporting, storing and handling products as they move from a raw material source, through the production system to the final point of sale or consumption. In addition, logistics activities also include warehousing, transportation, inventory management, order processing and packaging. When environmental elements are added in the logistics industry, the term ‘green logistics’ is derived. In a broader sense, green logistics can be defined as ‘a logistical system that is compatible with the environment which is an environmentally-friendly and efficient logistics system’. Green logistics adaptation in Malaysia is sustainable logistics to achieve a more sustainable balance between the economic, environmental and social elements. 2.2Green Supply Chains Initiatives in Transport and Logistics Service Industry: an Exploratory Case Study analysis In recent years the natural environment became a major issue as global warming and resource scarcity became more prevalent and oil prices continued to rise. In addition, the recent economic global crisis has accelerated the need for sustainable growth where better usage of natural resources creates the potential to develop a greener economy. The impact of business operations on the natural environment is one of the main areas in which societies and governments have become more sensitive. That is why companies need to react to the challenges of green issues by implementing sustainable (or green) logistics and supply chain management (SCM). At a macro level transport and logistics related activities are the most important contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. That is why transport and logistics companies (3PLs) are increasingly being asked to respond to the challenges of green logistics by implementing more environmentally sustainable strategies. From the research point of view, on the one hand, it appears that the focus of environmental impact research has been almost exclusively on manufacturing...
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