Greenhouse Effect Is the Result of Deforesting

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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Persuasive Speech Assignment

Save the Earth!!

Can you imagine our world facing everyday hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, climate change, extinction caused indirectly by human activities? Yes, you can because it is happening right now while you are staying here in the classroom. A few days ago, Japan has been devastating by a massive earthquake of 8.9 magnitudes, followed by a powerful force of a tsunami. Some scientists will say that it is a natural disaster and we have nothing to do with it, other will say that human activities help to accelerate these natural phenomenons.

Human footprint has left behind him not only a new era of technology’s revolution, but also the destruction of nature. Today, environmental concern such as the growth of carbon emission in the atmosphere seems of high importance in global news. The greenhouse effect continues to increase rapidly and meanwhile accelerate global warming. In fact, your car, your house and even your air conditioning are used to produce energy and, meanwhile, used to enhance greenhouse effect. Indeed, human activities such as burning fossils fuels contribute to accelerate the natural phenomenon of greenhouse effect on Earth. More carbon dioxide in the air, more infrared rays are being trapped in the Earth and as a result temperature increased. Can you imagine living with a high temperature? Believe it or not, but this happened. In 2005, Las Vegas has almost reached 50oC, a temperature record in North America in 21st century.

Although, many scientists believe that the Earth has always had natural disaster. Nonetheless, it is not a coincidence if the number of natural disaster increases while the number of human activities increases. We play a major role on the vulnerability of natural disaster.

The whole world is interconnected. "Climate change doesn't just affect the atmosphere and the oceans but the earth's crust as well.’’ said Professor Bill McGuire of University College...
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