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Green Technology

By | April 2011
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Green Technology: Bio Filtration, Renewable Energy and Solar Panels

There are several different types of Green Technology that are developed each and every day. With the era that we live in always depending on technology, we sometimes take advantage of the environment. If we only knew how many different ways there are to improve the air we breathe and the water we drink every day. In this paper I will explain three of the main types of green technology that scientist are make improvements on every day. Have you ever wondered how the dirty water turns out to be so clean? Or how they get the awful stench out of the sewage? It is accomplished by something called a Bio Filtration System, which uses a living material to process and decompose pollutants. There is more than one type of bio filters, but they are mainly use for water purification and air pollution control. The benefits of having bio filters are the low cost, the low use of chemicals, no combustion source and low maintenance. Also size is not a matter here, bio filters can be measured to fit any industrial setting that is needed. In todays’ economy cost is very significant which is getting more companies to buy a bio filter for their own uses. As far as the “going green” side of the bio filters there are no emissions and very low Carbon Dioxide emissions. As with all things that are made drawbacks always seem to tag along. Bio Filters don’t have too many drawbacks but they are there. The filters can’t treat an organic compound has too low absorption or degradation rates. Sometimes the process can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the microbial population. Some sources that have emissions can produce large spikes that can be damaging to the filters’ microbial population and overall performance. So, what exactly does the bio filter remove from the water or the compound that is placed within it? The filter eliminates several harmful chemicals from the compound and water containing...

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