Green Technology

Topics: Wind power, Fossil fuel, Solar power Pages: 5 (2101 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Green Technology
With this paper, I will be explaining how green technology will have a direct effect on us in the present and the future. There are many different kinds of technologies that we use today to protect the environment. I will be covering issues such as using alternative energy sources, recycling and limiting human made waste and pollution. The research and production of different environment friendly advances in technology will have direct impact on future as generations. I will go into detail on sustainability of green technology. The resources are available but the major hurdles are affordability and governing the implementation of these technologies. Not only does the U.S. need to be completely on board but across the globe countries wil have to be taking action. With the sky rocketing population it will be vital for the future of the residence on earth that we address these issues sooner than later. The term “going green” is used by many companies and organizations. It is very important because when individuals and large corporations are participating it has a ripple effect on others. Waste and Pollution

Our nation is one of the biggest contributors to the world’s pollution and excessive waste problem. “Every year, one American produces over 3,285 pounds of hazardous waste”. Every day we create tons of waste that is not biodegradable weather its domestic or industrial we have to improve its management. There has obviously been some strong pushes as far as recycling and waste disposal but it’s only a fraction of what needs to be done. The capabilities of producing more products from recycling is on the rise and will continue its upward trend with the more recycling that takes place. “Landfills are responsible for 36% of all methane emissions in the U.S., one of the most potent causes of global warming Schemm, P. (6/6/2012) Associated Press, Solar-powered plane lands in Morocco. People tend to think that there is unlimited landfills and that they are harmless to the environment, that is completely false. Large amounts of recyclables end up in landfills most of which are plastics and aluminum. Besides domestic waste there is also a surplus of industrial and commercial waste and pollution entering our environment. Not only can we be more diligent in regards to recycling but also in the capping and construction on landfills. Many caps which are supposed to keep the waste within the landfills are ineffective leading to emissions and leaks into the earth and the air. Emissions through factories, auto mobiles, and other gasoline fueled vehicles are also major part of the deteriorating environment. As far as auto emission the technologies used have made large strides. The creation on electric and hybrid cars are the future of daily transportation and the challenge is to use these practices at the commercial and industrial level. A few technologies in solid waste reduction would be dehydration and composting of waste both of which need proper segregation. The management waste disposal and pollution elimination are processes that must be governed in order to sustain the types of lives we live today. Solar power

It is proven that planet earth is warming due to the amount and the actions of humans. The amount of carbon dioxide coming of the planet into the atmosphere is creating a greenhouse effect that is warming our atmosphere at an alarming rate. It will become more urgent that we reduce our toxic emissions into the atmosphere in the near future. The sun produces enough energy in heat and light in a single day to power the entire world for a whole year. The more we can use the sun as a source of energy the less we have to use fossil fuels, which is a main contributor to global warming. Photovoltaic and thermal solar powers are the two most used solar technologies used today. Panels that you see on rooftops are what come to mind when thinking...
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