Green Street Hooligans

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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The difficult one:

1.Characterize the following characters:
Matt Buckner: Matt is a studied journalism on Harvard, in the start he is a bit shy, he don’t have the guts to stick up for himself. But that is about to change, he is joining the hooligans from West Ham United! He is beginning to defend himself, and he learned how to fight.

Pete Dunham: He is a violent guy, he is the leader of the firm GSE, and he took over after his brother, the major. He is living for fighting; he is living for West Ham United and GSE. And he hates journalists, they are always writing crap about the hooligans.

Bovver: Bovver is also a hooligan from West Ham, and he is Pete’s right hand, but he betrayed him in the end, and he almost got Pete’s brother killed. He can’t stand Matt, and that’s why he betrayed Pete. Pete didn’t want to see him anymore, so Bovver sat on a bench with a bottle of vodka, and was I great misery. But then the last fight came, and suddenly Bovver showed up and fought on GSE’s side.

Shannon Buckner Dunham: Shannon is Steve’s wife? And she is really nervous when Matt is going to a football match with Pete, and she hate all the fighting’s, and she would leave Steve if he ever got back to the GSE. So she is scared for her family.

Steve Dunham: Steve is the former major for GSE, he promised his wife? Never to get back to GSE, but deep inside he knows that he belongs there and he really want to go, but he has to keep his promise to his wife. But he went back to the GSE bar to save Matt because they found out he was a journalist, and there he got in a fight with Tommy, and Tommy stabbed him in the throat with a bottle, then he didn’t kept his promise, so Shannon is leaving him. And in the end when his brother gets killed by Tommy, he goes berserk, and he wants to get revenge!

Tommy Hatcher: Tommy is also a hooligan, but his team is Mill Wall. Tommy’s son got killed by a GSE hooligan, and ever since, Tommy wanted revenge, and because the...
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