Green Roof Technology

Topics: Green roof, Urban heat island, Sustainable building Pages: 4 (838 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Green Roof Technology




The society today lays a lot of emphasis on environmental sustenance. Such an emphasis has evolved from not only consumers but also from businesses and institutions in their effort to change the world to an environmentally conscious planet. Safe for this, there have been campaigns by businesses and institutions to attract more consumers for their environmental consciousness concepts. To this end, many businesses and institutions have embarked on environmentally sustainable projects at the expense of direct economically gainful projects. This paper thus seeks to understand how one of such environmentally conscious concepts, the green roof, has been deemed to have a positive impact in public relations.

A green roof is a concept that involves the covering of a manmade building with plants. This concept has been widely accepted in Europe and seemingly gaining popularity by haste in North America (Rowe, and Getter, 2010). The concept however has a rich history racing back to the hanging Gardens of Babylon. Closely related to this concept is the living walls concept (Valauskas, 2004). These two concepts have been known for a number of advantages. They are known to considerably reduce urbanization impacts as well as contribute considerably to efforts towards sustainable ecosystem systems and energy conservations in most urban settings globally.

The said benefits however vary with the plants and depth of the growing medium. These benefits may however include factors like; decreasing storm runoff, improving the buildings thermal performance, reducing a building’s sound insulation whilst protecting its roof membrane, reducing the urban heat island effect commonly referred to as UHI, improving the quality of air whilst at the same time reducing the airborne particulates, positively sustaining the biodiversity thus being credited for improving...
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