Green Revolution in Israel

Topics: Fossil fuel, Electric car, Renault Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: July 28, 2012


• Until recently, with a significant offshore natural gas discovery, Israel has had essentially no commercial fossil fuel resources of its own, and has been forced to depend almost exclusively on imports to meet its energy needs.

• Israel has attempted to diversify its supply sources and to utilize alternatives like solar and wind energy. Traditionally, Israel has relied on expensive, long-term contracts with nations like Mexico (oil), Norway (oil), the United Kingdom (oil), Australia (coal), South Africa (coal), and Colombia (coal) for its energy supplies. Israel also has pursued other, cheaper sources of energy, like Egyptian gas

• Israel produces almost no oil and imports nearly all its oil needs (major sources traditionally have included Egypt, the North Sea, West Africa, and Mexico). In September 2000, Israeli truck drivers staged a "go-slow" in response to rising fuel prices, caused mainly by higher world oil prices.

• Israel meets approximately 25% of its energy demand requirements from coal (primarily for electric power generation). With the expansion of Israel's fourth coal-fired power plant (at Ashkelon) in coming months, Israeli coal imports could rise to over 11.5 mmst per year by 2002.

• All these facts shows us the dilemma of Israeli government and their huge dependence onto other countries to meet its energy demands.

• The solution framework comes in response to the Israeli State's challenge to the auto industry and its supply chain to migrate the country's transportation infrastructure to renewable sources of energy.

• For the first time in history, all the conditions necessary for electric vehicles to be successfully mass-marketed will be brought together in a partnership between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Project Better Place in Israel.

• The Israeli government would provide...
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