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Topics: Costs, Recruitment, Human resource management Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Top 3 Recruitment Trends for Cost Effective and Green Recruiting  
With the average cost of hiring bad talent at over $25,000, recruitment trends are shifting to practices that maximize talent acquisition, reduce costs, streamline the hiring process and enable green recruiting. So just how are today’s recruiters meeting these new-era demands? Here are the Top 3 Recruitment Trends for Cost Effective Green Recruiting.  

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1. Leverage social media for new-era, cost-effective and ecofriendly staffing.  
Recruiters have embraced social media with the thought, “If you can’t bring the candidate to the job opportunity, bring the job opportunity to the candidate.” With over 98% of recruiters using LinkedIn, social media recruitment is alive and kicking. Why? SHRM calls LinkedIn the “suit and tie” network, a virtual job and resume board full of well-qualified candidates. And because LinkedIn is free or low-cost and hosted online, recruiters can simply sit at their desks, reducing costs — both monetary and environmental — of airplane and car travel.  

2. Embrace online collaboration technology.
With the significant advancements in online collaboration technology, recruiters and staffing firms the world over are beginning to shift away from paper resumes and costly recruitment-related travel. Over 74% of recruiters embrace video interviews via conference call or tablet device. Another 67% believe video screening should replace phone interviews all together. Why? Well, because it works.  

Collaboration technology significantly streamlines the hiring process by enabling a virtual weeding out process. Instead of wading through stacks of paper and time-consuming phone tag, recruiters use online collaboration technology, like instant messenger, email, social media and online meetings, in the first...
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