Green Peace

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Greenpeace International

Introduction: page 3 Establishment of the organization: page 3 Membership Requirements of the Organization: page 4

List of members: page 4 Purpose of the organization: page 6 Structure of the Organization: page 7 Three Major Achievements of the organization: page 8

Strength and weakness of the Organization: page 9 Conclusion: page 9 Bibliography: page 10

This report seeks to provide an underlying understanding on the International organization Greenpeace. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace amongst the world. The report outlines the organizations aim in promoting a green world also its function in the current age of the planet that is faced by human destructions and increasing faults.

The Establishment of the Organization:
This International organization was established in August 28, 1971, by a small team of activists who set sail from Vancouver, Canada in an old fishing boat to bear witness in a non- violent matter to the ongoing US government nuclear testing underground in Amchitka an island off the coast of Alaska. Motivating the world through encouraging a more green and peaceful world for all to live environmentally caring. Greenpeace is a non government organization who receives donations and funds from individual supporters and foundation grants rather than funds from the government. (Weyler,2009)

Membership Requirements of the Organization:
Membership standards include a passionate person who is committed to the mission of greenpeace. Candidates will need to sign an online letter to the member of congress regarding several issues. Hosting a Bake sale to save the whales can be one method in rasing funds for the organization where all profits are ploughed into the Organization. Greenpeace International employs part time and full time workers in 41 countries world wide. Ongoing training is required to participate in environmental activities such a ship sailing patrol, (Rewa, 2010). Individuals who would like to contribute to the production of Greenpeace activities can donate to the organization if they are not willing to work with the board as a an employee. List of Members:

Greenpeace International coordinates global Greenpeace policies and strategies use to operate activities of the wider organization. The Organization is mainly based in Amsterdam, Netherlands with 175 staff employed into the functioning of its environmental success. Its role within the organization network is to; * Facilitate the planning and decision making processes on global Greenpeace campaign. * Coordinate the global campaigns to encourage Greenpeace * Monitor the financial and economical performance of Greenpeace * Provide supporting funds for the Greenpeace trademark

* Provide IT support to national and regional offices over the internet.

The Board of Directors: Appointed 3 year term by the Annual General Meeting Karen Topakian, (2010 – 2011)
Appointed Board Chair of Greenpeace, Karen’s role embraces activism and advocacy of an environmentally safe world.

Valerie Denney

Elizabeth Gilchrist

David Hunter

David N. Pellow

Bryony Schwan

Jigar Shah

Sharyle Patton

Purpose of Organization:
Greenpeace is an independent Organization that seeks to...
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