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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Political Party Assignment

Green party is a political organization which has grown year by year since 20 years ago. Green party formed in 1984. At that time the name of corporation was “the Committees of Correspondence”. They changed the name of their party to Green Committees of Correspondence in 1989. Finally, in 1991 the group name became Greens/Green Party USA. The Green‘s platform is organized in a direction which gives the priority to environment. Greens believe that in order to have a green land and healthy environment, we need to have a proper political and economic democracy. Therefore, they plan and seek to reach a sustainable world. In order to familiarize to this political party, it is better to understand their goals, platform, and their links to other major political parties. Green Party USA has some environmental aims besides of other political and social goals. The green’s environmental goal is to have a human society in harmony with nature. Greens believe human being need ecological sustainability to survive. Therefore, this party’s utmost goal is a healthy environment, but they believe in order to choose best ways for ecological sustainability citizens need to have a direct role in their government. Consequently, green party’s greatest political goal is grass root democracy, which means each human being should have the right to participate in governmental decision. To provide a basic for a direct democracy this party has been working for some social aims like abolishing the borders between rich and poor in society, eliminating the violence, war, racism, sexism, and basically providing social justice. Ten key value of Green party U.S. can summarize the goals of this party. In ten key value of greens we can see, Grassroots democracy, Social justice and equal opportunity Ecological wisdom, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-based economics, Feminism and gender equality, Respect for diversity, Personal and global responsibility, an Future...
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