Green Mountain Resort (Dis)Solves the Turnover Problem

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Organizational Innovation and Change

1. Which of the six change images discussed in this chapter can be identified in the assumptions about managing turnover that were held by
In the beginning Gunter was taking more of an image of change as a Director as he identified turnover as a problem and attempted to problem solve around this issue. As the story progressed Gunter’s He also became a mentor for began to change with the help of the consultant to more of a Coaching role as his resort became the training ground that other resorts looked for when hiring associates. He also became a mentor for others who were seeking training in providing excellent service in the hospitality industry

The hospitality literature:
The literature played a role of navigator as it identified turnover as a chronic problem that the industry endures and made several suggestions on how one can help reduce the effects.

The consultant:
The consultant played the role of the interpreter as he was able to interpret the problem of turnover and how he was able to change the perspective of Gunter in a way that dissolved the problem. Instead of a problem turnover instead, became a way that the resort could use as a way to recruit talent.

2. How did these assumptions influence prescriptions for dealing with "the turnover problem"? Each of these assumptions influenced prescriptions for dealing with turnover. For example, Gunter only seemed to make the problem worse when he played the Director when he attempted to solve turnover as a problem, however, when he changed his perspective he ultimately became the coach and turned the problem into an advantage. The hospitality literature was the navigator as it defined turnover as a problem that was considered chronic and something that must be endured in the industry. It’s prescription for dealing with the problem included streamlining training, simplifying jobs and making the HR process more efficient....
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