Green Mile

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  • Published: February 1, 2008
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Green Mile Book Report Reading 080 Mrs. Crowley THE TWO DEAD GIRLS Chapter 1 The Green Mile started backing 1932 in the state prison at Cold Mt. Warden Moore owns it and presided over 78 executions there. The E-block was death row made up of brick than wood. It had six cells in which one stood Beverly McCall. A black woman who had killed her husband after he was caught cheating on her. Later she changes her name and became a free woman.

Chapter 2 1932 was the year that John Coffey cam to the Green Mile. The five guards working there at the time was Dean Stanton, Harry Tewilligar, Brutus Howell and Percy Wetmore. Let's not forget Paul the narrator of this story. Paul tried to talk to Coffey but all he said was " I tried to take it back but it was to late".

Chapter 3 Dean and Harry are talking about some things, which involved John and Percy. They talk about the adjustments they would have to make to Old Sparky. For the big John Coffey to get in it.

Chapter4 This chapter tells how they found the Dettericks twins dead in Coffey's arms. How the dogs track down Coffey and found him screaming in pain. There the two little girls lay with what us to be blonde hair now red with blood.

Chapter 5 Paul had a dream of the girls with shy smiles and blood in their hair. Before he had the dream he talked to his wife about what he should and shouldn't do.

Chapter 6 The Warden has sent for Paul and when Paul got to the office. They talked about the warden wife who was real sick. He told Paul that she had cancer in her brain and that she had really bad headaches. They talked about Percy how he was doing and about him going to Briar.

Chapter 7 The guards talk about Delacriox's mouse how it could do tricks. Dean and Paul went over the record box for the last year. Then they saw the mouse looking like it was doing cell check. Three nights later Percy chases the same mouse into the restraint room with a mop.

Chapter 8 Brutus showed Paul were Mr. Jingle had been staying before he found Delacroix . Brutus then tells Paul that he can't do this anymore. He going to transfer to The Boys Correctional Paul agreed with him. And Coffey execution was the last one they did.

THE MOUSE ON THE MILE Chapter 1 This chapter starts off in the nursing home called Georgia Pines. Brad Dolan is introduced in this chapter also. He is compare to Percy by combing his hair and also having something to read. He read such things as gross jokes or sick jokes. It also states that Paul is getting old, but he still remembers the year 1932.

Chapter 2 In this chapter Percy was chasing the mouse around. The mouse knows as steam boat will show how brave it was by coming up to the desk. Percy ends up not catching the mouse and causing problems again. Arthur Flanders a.k.a The President was in for pushing his dad of a third floor building. Brutus also feed the mouse crackers.

Chapter 3 In this chapter the Chief talks about his life back in Montana. About how his wife and about how they built in a lodge.

Chapter 4 The Chief get to see his second wife and the kids. The chief was in for killing a drunken man by crushing his head with a cement rock. They practice his execution the same day with Old Toot-Toot. As the mouse watched as if he was a guest. Who came to see the execution and showed up early. The Chief execution date was July 17,1932.

Chapter 5 The execution of the Chief was going to take place doing this day. The Chief kiss one of his braids before he dies. To kiss his daughter goodbye because she was the one who braid his hair. It was braid because his hair was to long.

Chapter 6 It tells how Paul meets his and how he wrote her a letter a four-page letter. And it tells how Coffey used to cry in the nights, because Coffey was scared of the dark. That was the main reason that Paul thought it would be.

Chapter 7 Delacroix is brought in to the Green Mile. In this chapter it tell how the President dies after being push into a dry cleaner....
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