Green Marketing in China

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Current Situation and Movement of Green Marketing in China – Analyze its Resources and Performance Li Hai-e School of Management, South-Central University for Nationalities; WuHan 430074, China Abstract: Green marketing is very important in 21 century. From the main strength of implementation, to analyze why our green marketing is backward, thinking the government should be the leading strength. On the base, the paper brings forward the principal measures government should strengthen and how to improve the government commitment. Key words: Green Marketing; key strength; government commitment.

Generally speaking, there aren’t many researches on green marketing. And the researches mainly include: (1) what is green marketing, (2) Comparative analysis between domestic and abroad, (3) Green marketing existence problem analysis; (4) green marketing development countermeasure and so on. But these researches are abstract, short of instruction to practice. The author selects the key strength to analyze green marketing present situation, and propose the development countermeasure. It clears the way of thinking for our country to develop green marketing, which is very important.

1 The key strength of carrying out green marketing
1.1 The implication of green marketing The scholars have the different definition to the green marketing. But about its essence, green marketing is a social responsible marketing activity. Compared with the traditional marketing, it has the following two characteristics: (1) Green marketing is the higher phase of marketing and the inevitable development tendency. It takes the sustainable development as the core, emphasizes the environmental protection, pursues economic efficiency, the social efficiency and the ecology benefit;(2) It will take a long time to carry out green marketing, so we cannot define the enterprise as the only strength. The environmental protection has decided that its application needs multi-strengths, especially in initial stage. 1.2 The key strength of green marketing The implication and characteristics of green marketing has decided its development must draw support from four strengths, respectively the enterprise, the consumer, the government and environmental protection NGO (non-government organization). These four strengths constitute a dynamical system (e.g. Figure 1), impelling the development of green marketing. The enterprise is the concrete execution, shouldering the formulation and realization of green marketing strategy and tactics. The consumer is the actuation of the green marketing, drawing the green marketing development, because to meet consumers' green need is the green marketing starting point and primary purpose. The government and environmental protection NGO are the green marketing pusher, ensuring and supervising the normal implementation of the green marketing, because on one hand, from the legal laws and regulations and the public opinions they can bring pressure to the enterprise about its implements of the green marketing; On the other hand from the point of protecting the Earth and the sustainable development, it raises the green consciousness and promotes the green marketing development through guiding, educating to the consumer.




Green marketing




the key four strengths for green marketing

2 The green marketing present situation: to analyze the commitments of the principal parts Generally speaking, the domestic green marketing started lately. At present, the green marketing in our country is at the initial stage. 2.1 From the aspect of consumers Compared to the developed countries, our consumers' green consciousness is at the initial stage. Just a few people understand and accept the green marketing, the majority hope not to be polluted by the environment rather than not pollute the environment. Moreover, the overwhelming majority cannot accept the green product’s...
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