Green Marketing Critique

Topics: Petroleum, Internal combustion engine, Electric car Pages: 4 (1312 words) Published: December 2, 2012

AB 0501 Green Marketing
Individual Critique Report
Word Count: 1,079
By Desmond Leong

The Subject Matter
The subject matter of the article revolves around the benefits of purchasing an electric car over conventional fuel powered cars. The article also addresses the various aspects beyond the traditional debate on whether electric cars are simply a greener alternative to fuel powered cars, it dwells, albeit not too deeply, at the political perspective of sustainability, the economic advantages and convenience for consumers, the security provided with the shifting of reliance from fuel to electricity as electricity comes from a multitude of sources, being very well diversified in terms of their sources and the various kinds of pollution that electric cars reduce which include noise pollution and air pollution. These aspects discussed all have an intertwined relationship in the complex debate on whether electric cars are indeed better than fuel powered cars, for example, the political perspective of sustainability is intertwined with the security provided with the shift from fuel to electricity, especially for countries like the US. This is because in terms of sustainability, the US looks first at how their country can be sustainable, ergo, reducing their reliance on middle-east oil, and this involves attaining security in terms of diversity of sources of electric energy. Also, the economic advantages for consumers are intertwined in a relationship with the amount of pollution produced and the political agenda supporting the purchases of electric cars, as the economic advantages don’t only come in cheaper fuel, but also a generous tax rebate of up to US$7,500 from the purchase price per electric car. Hence, the various aspects on arguments for purchasing a car have an incredibly intertwined relationship amongst each other in their united front against fuel powered cars. First Argument

However, there are always two sides...
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