Green Marketing Consumers Attitudes Tiwers Ecofriendly

Topics: Marketing, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 101 (33364 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Green marketing: Consumers’ Attitudes towards Eco-friendly Products and Purchase Intention in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector.

Authors: Magali Morel Francis Kwakye

Supervisor: Peter Hultén

Student Umeå School of Business Spring semester 2012 Master thesis, one-year, 15 hp


The research study is on the green marketing but specifically on consumers’ attitudes and purchase intention of eco-friendly products. It has been the global concern for the purpose of the preservation of the polluting and degradation of environment. Many studies have been done on the green marketing exploring the importance of the topic and relationship to the attitude and purchasing behavior of the consumers of eco-friendly products. Through the vital information provided by the expertise, competent and experience researchers, companies have understood the importance of green marketing in order to produce eco-friendly products and these provided much rich information for the literature studies of the thesis The objective of this research was looked into and explored the influencing of the four traditional marketing-mix elements, satisfaction and word of mouth (WOM) on attitude and purchasing intentions of consumers on eco-friendly products specifically fasting moving consumer goods (FMCG) or non-durable ones. The purpose of the study was to obtain information from consumers’ point of view. Furthermore, one perspective of the study was to look into the comparison of the Swedish and the Non-Swedish their attitudes towards ecofriendly products. A questionnaire provided to obtain the views of the Swedish and others nationalities, how they are influenced by the marketing-mix elements (4P), satisfaction and WOM concerning green attitudes and purchase intention of eco-friendly products. A quantitative approach was adopted for the study by using a questionnaire, one paper version and another online version the total sample was composed of 174 respondents, 81 were collected through internet by using Google.doc surveys and Facebook and 93 by using standard paper questionnaire form. Furthermore, convenient sample was used to collect data so the chosen boundary was Umeå University and its residents. Our findings indicated that consumers who already bought eco-friendly products and those who are satisfied by these previous purchases were willing to repeat purchases. Indeed satisfaction goes with purchase intention. Furthermore the importance of WOM and Advertising about green products the fact that consumers believe in green claim explain the variance of the purchase intention. Positive attitudes concerning willingness to pay an extra price for green products are also correlated with purchase intention. However we discovered also that positive attitudes towards green products do not always lead to action i.e. purchase of these products. Our findings demonstrated that there were differences in attitudes and purchase intention toward green products between mainly the women and men and between the Swedish and the Non-Swedish.

Keywords: Green marketing, marketing-mix, word of mouth, satisfaction, attitude, consumer intention. I


This thesis was made in spring 2012, for the marketing department of Umeå School of Business and Economics: We would like to thank and express our profound gratitude to those who contribute and assist greatly to the completion of this thesis. Most especially, Mr Peter Hultén, his advice, supervision and feedback which contributed positively to the success of the thesis. As our supervisor, his encouragements assisted us to carry out this research study in the right direction. We would like also to say a special thanks to our family and our friends who encouraged us to do our best. Finally, we acknowledge the assistance of the respondents of our questionnaire who devoted their precious time to answer us which had gone a long way for the completion of the research study. Without them the...
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