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The BCA Green Mark Scheme launched in January 2006, is an award that was created by the BCA (Building and Construction Authority to promote environmental awareness in the construction and real estate sectors. It is a scheme that strives to develop a sustainable built environment by using the best technology and methods today in the design and construction.

The benefits of the Green Mark are that water and energy bills will be reduced, environmental quality will be improved and the possible negative impact on the environment will be reduced.

The Platinum award is the highest rating that can be achieved and is the rating that my proposal aims to acquire. If it is acquired, 50% of cost of supply and installation of energy efficient equipment and professional services will be co-funded with a cap of 3 million dollars. To do so, my proposal aims at securing the maximum possible points for energy efficiency.

Main Report:

The main strategies are that we achieve an ETTV (Envelope Thermal Transfer Value) of 40/m^2 or lower, design system efficiency of 0.65 for the cooling system, 5.0 or more meters for the parameter of daylight zones from façade perimeters and installing solar panels on the roof to provide a renewable energy source.

1) The most important factor in maximizing energy efficiency is the architecture of the building. ETTV measures the amount of heat absorbed from the building environment and is integral to better energy efficiency of a building. As heat absorbed from the environment by the walls, windows, roof of a building make up a significant portion of a building’s cooling needs, it is important to minimize this heat (the lower the ETTV, less energy is required to cool the building).

Ideas on how to lower ETTV:
- Designing long facades with windows facing north-south
- Minimise surface areas and windows on east and west facades. Sun shading should be provided to shade the building from direct sunlight to minimize energy building. - Design non-air conditioning areas (e.g. staircases, corridors, service core, etc) along building sides facing east and west as buffer to the air-conditioning areas. - Design windows on west facades with low emissivity (low-e) coatings to reduce solar heat gain. -We can install Aerofoils where the fin structure allows for effective solar heat and light control. - Instead of a normal roof, use a green roof. Green roof has the vegetation growing, planted over a waterproofing membrane. Install a light green roof instead of a heavy one as not as much vegetation is required. While being aesthetically pleasing, it will also reduce cooling load by fifty to ninety percent.

Secondly, air-con system plant efficiency for 0.65kW/RT is to be achieved.

Ideas on how maximizing air-con efficiency:
- Use premium-efficiency motors. Even though they cost 25% more, they will save you a lot more money in annual operating costs. The annual cost of the energy it takes to run an electric motor continuously can be about 6 to 8 times the purchase cost of the motor. Replacing a working motor (unscheduled replacement) with an energy-efficient motor can also have an attractive payback when the motor is used more than 4,000 hours per year. -

3) By optimizing the use of effective daylighting, energy use of artificial light can be reduced. Minimize electric lighting in common areas by building more windows

Ideas on usage of natural lighting:
- For roof floors, use clerestories
- Using skylights to facilitate introduction of more natural light. Use translucent glazing to reduce glare and include a ceiling diffuser to improve even distribution of light - Louvered window coverings to bounce light from direct sunlight to reduce intensity of the light while also redistributing the light to other areas - Locate more windows that face the north and south sides

- Include an automatic electric lighting control system which switches on the electric lights when not...
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