Green Light

Topics: Envy, Light, English-language films Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: May 14, 2013
My Green Light

My green light is an ambiguous entity, consisting of multiple forms, each day varying from the next. This ever-changing pattern in my life is possibly a result of a void left behind from my childhood, as my parents had never encouraged or raised any desire to strive for a goal in me. As such I now have an inability to create a permanent goal for myself. My green light, in short, lacks conviction - it is deprived of the motivation required to maintain my interest, and eventually my green light will once again take on a new form.

I have many luxuries in life that negate the need for a green light. As a child I may not have been given everything I wanted, but neither did I have any strong wish to own anything much. When the gaming consul; Nintendo came out I had never had the any lasting convictions to get one, even though all my friends had one, I realized from this case that I don't have a goal in life. During school, I was jealous and envious of my friends for their amazing new toys, but once I got home, all that was forgotten and I was content with my life. To this day, I have never owned a Nintendo gaming consul, due to my lack of a conviction. From this example, I have also noticed a similarity in many aspects of my life. When I want something, but is unable to get it at that exact moment, then I will no longer want it later on. This ultimately reflects on my green light in that it creates a sense of indecisiveness to my life’s goal, if I am unable to even decide what to eat for lunch, then how will I even know what my green light is? My green light appears in the form of an intangible result which creates an indefinite number of possibilities, each one claiming to award me with my goal in their own unique aspects, but without one distinguishable answer.

As I continue towards the next stage of my life, I may discover a goal that I can finally award with the title of “my green light”, but until then I have no other choice then to...
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