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Topics: Recycling, Environmentalism, Electronics Pages: 26 (7937 words) Published: January 27, 2013
An Electronics Recycling Service
To educate and to serve

Marketing Project

By students:Ambre Comes

Gonzague Cavrot

Morgane Wernert

Rainer de Sousa

Romain Ades

Course: Marketing Principles

Professor:Girish Prayag

Supervisor:Jeanette McDonald

Skema Bachelor

Spring 2011

Executive Summary

Undergraduate students at the Skema Business School at Sophia-Antipolis, France; we have been conducting an on-campus marketing feasibility study to evaluate what would be the chances of successfully implementing a new service to the entire school community, focusing especially on the French student population. Our service concept involves educating our target market about recycling (focusing on the recycling of electronics), motivating our target market to recycle electronic devices, collecting the devices and handling them to recycling facilities.

We carried out an initial exploratory research in the form of a focus group and based on it, on our insights and perceptions about the relation between the issue of recycling and our school, and also based on secondary research, we developed a descriptive research in the form of a questionnaire in French composed by closed-ended questions to be answered by 100 francophone Skema students chosen randomly across various classrooms. We obtained a 100% response rate.

The analysis of the study results has indicated that despite the fact that practically everyone considers recycling important, almost a third of the respondents don’t take into consideration how green a school is before applying to it. Most people recycle plastic and paper, but only a very small number recycle electronics. More than half of the respondents said they keep their old electronics for a while, but end up throwing them for not knowing what else to do. Additionally, more than 80% of the respondents mentioned that what prevents them from recycling is the lack of convenient means to do so. Based on these results, we can perceive a market need for a service that motivate people to recycle by better educating them about its important benefits to the society as whole, and providing convenient means for them to recycle.

Additionally, the respondents were asked questions related to the marketing mix. The results revealed that the preferred way of implementing the service is by placing trash bins for electronics around the campus in strategic areas, such as the entrance of the buildings and at the parking lots. The preferred way of financing the service, according to most respondents, would be encouraging Skema to make a partnership with a recycling facility and/or by reallocating some of the funds of an existing student organization that works for environmentally friendly actions, Jason, to carry out the service. Finally, most respondents said they would like to be informed about the service through on-campus posters and online, via email.

The study has indicated that overall our service may be feasible. Almost 80% of the questionnaire respondents said they would surely or probably use our service if it existed.

Table of Contents
Introduction to the Report3

Description of the Service Idea4

Analysis of Competition5

Research Methodology6

Analysis of Results6




Introduction to the Report

This report has been conducted after the completion of our study to account for our findings on the opinions and perceptions of our target market regarding the recycling of electronics. We will walk you through the justifications for all decisions we have made along the way regarding our initial service idea, the qualitative and quantitative study about the feasibility of implementing our service, the collection and...
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