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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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A Report on Green Innovations Ltd.
About the Company: Green Innovations Ltd (OTC: GNIN) is involved in the production, development and marketing of products using bamboo. The ecofriendly company based in North America produces many household products like paper rolls, tissues, wipes, diapers etc. from bamboo which emits oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. This way the company contributes in a huge way to the society where there is an increased awareness among people to reduce the consumption of carbon products. There are many benefits of using bamboo in place of hardwoods like cultivation of bamboo is cheaper and not time consuming, bamboo maintain the root system so there is no question of erosion of chemicals and last and most important benefit is that, products made from bamboo are bio degradable. The main mission of the company is to expand their sales team to market their products outside North America to Canada, Middle East and South America. Starting its operations in late 2012, Green Innovations became publicly traded company in November 2012; the company has shown an exponential growth since then, however the financials of the company look weak as it is yet to break even. But with the level of growth and strategies that GNIN adopts it can sure be in the profit segment. Business Model: Green Innovations Ltd. Has adopted a model which develops products that are consumed by almost every single individual and in an eco-friendly raw material. This will surely be a hit in the environment conscious society. The company is strengthening its management team to contribute towards its growth. Towards this, it has appointed Kalpesh Parmar as the first member of its strategic advisory board. Mr.Kalpesh is the pioneer and leader in developing innovative products in hygiene disposal industry. The company also plans to appoint other senior members to its board in coming weeks to help contribute towards its growth. Recent milestones include

* It has entered...
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