Green Hotel

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A Managerial Approach to Marketing

Clover Inn is a hotel with green initiative is educational resource designed to help travelers, and local communities develop and promote environmental, social and cultural awareness of the green hotel practices. Ecotourism is a fast growing market at this time in the economy.

Brief description of our product/service here at Clover Inn, green initiative within the hospitality world is a very fast up and coming product; and therefore has given us this great idea to build a green hotel. Everything within the hotel will be eco-friendly such as; room décor, water filtration system all the way to the salt water pools.

Along with the green hotel the management group has put together an effective marketing objective; it will start off with traditional and non-traditional media outlets that will reach people of all demographics, value and social networking. Management will also be setting revenue goals for the year along with a monthly (anticipated) budget.

Clover Inn will use the following pricing strategy to bring in the needed revenue for the hotel to run. Pricing rooms for hotels is often a challenging job for the managers; rate integrity is what consumer’s value, buying a product/service for $120 a night, knowing the hotel down the road is only charging $75 a night. These guests know that they are buying a product along with a great service (Xotels,nd). Rate parity daily rates with conditions, this mainly for the consumer and doesn’t really help the hotel out too much. Rate integrity even with the bad economic times there has to be a form of rate integrity, lower the rate is not always the answer, but in these time you to be competitive with the other hotels in the area or you may not have any business at all (Xotels,nd). The Inn will also run a promotion that may last all year or just during the slow time of the year depending upon how the business is for the...
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