Green Energy in Turkey

Topics: Fossil fuel, Carbon dioxide, Renewable energy Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: May 18, 2013

In recent years, because of the depletion of certain energy powers such as oil and coal, the cost of them are substantially on the rise. Also, when their negative effects are considered such as causing global warming, green energy constitutes an alternative way to sustain energy. There are a number of countries all over the world which are not aware of this alternative way, including Turkey where green energy should be promoted domestically. It should be promoted because it has a great number of advantages such as being renewable, easy sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical. First, one of the most remarkable features of using green energy is its renewable structure. Green energy is formed by natural sources such as rain, wind or sunlight which are constantly renewed. In other words, wind keeps blowing or sun keeps shining. However, energy sources out of green energy such as oil and coal are limited and are depleting fast because of excessive use. According to the Institute of Science in Society, especially in the developed countries, because of the excessive use of fossil fuels such as oil and gas, the world’s reserves are rapidly decreasing, and this situation constitutes an energy problem. Therefore, green energy appears as the best solution to the energy problem thanks to being renewable. Second, being easily accessible is another feature of green energy, and Turkey is a rich country from the point of its potential of green energy sources such as geothermal, solar and wind. According to Lally M., Turkey has the eight percent of the geothermal energy potential which does not exist in other countries. Therefore, in different parts of Turkey, different kinds of green energy sources can be used. Alaçatı or Çanakkale are the example of windy places in Turkey where wind can be used as energy source. In the places which lack of wind, it is possible to use another sources such solar energy source. However, coal or oil...
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