Green Energy

Topics: Hydroelectricity, Fossil fuel, Carbon dioxide Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Many researchers are trying to find new renewable energy sources to help diminish carbon emissions, which cause global warming. Carbon dioxide (C02) is released from human activities as well as using fossil fuel these are the causes of global warming and the green-house effect (European commission 2003). The release of green house gases has risen because of increasing population and technology development which has resulted in high demand for the use of fossil fuels. This is a serious issue in many countries and is harmful to humans’ and animals’ health, the environment and also increases pollution (Veziroglu 2007). Now, it is the time to face these problems by using clean energy such as solar, wind and water. Wagner & Mathur (2011) state that hydropower is the most efficient renewable energy, while Veziroglu (2007) claims that hydrogen is the key to the solution in the 21st century. Therefore, this essay will focus on energy sources water and hydrogen. The first part will analyse how to use water to produce a large amount of power in several ways. The second will discuss the effect of hydro energy. The third point will explain where hydrogen comes from and how to use it. The last section will describe the reason why many researchers and industrialists are interested in using hydrogen power. It is argued that using hydro power and hydrogen energy in many countries can decrease CO2 emissions that are the main cause of climate change and create an amount of clean energy, although these sources of energy have some negative impact and requires high investment costs.

Hydro is a large natural resource that can be used to generate power in different ways. Hydro means water which is a significant power source to generate electricity. Destouni & Frank (2010) state that hydro-electric is a large resource, and it is more stable and reliable than other resources when they are compared. Additionally, the electric can be produced from water by using generator in many...
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