Green Computing Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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Green initiative and Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Mobiletech's green initiative policies and procedures fall under the goals, expectations, and company policies regarding our commitment to a diverse Corporate Social Responsibility mandate. It is a policy enacted with the belief that our company has a responsibility or obligation to our investors and shareholders; and also to society and the environment, both locally and globally. We believe in following the letter and spirit of the law, enacted by local governments, and various international standards, such as ISO 9000, the standard for quality (Wikipedia, 2002), and ISO 14000, the standard for Environmental Management Systems (Wikipedia, 2002). To us, CSR embodies not just a legal mandate issued by governmental bodies, but instead we see it more as a corporate conscience embodiment, which goes beyond a simple social code of conduct, or even corporate self-regulation. Instead, we see ourselves as leaders by embracing the responsibility of our company's actions. We encourage positive impact as an example through our companies interaction on the environment, our consumers, the communities we live in and affect, our stakeholders and employees, and all other members of the public ecosystem.

One of MobileTech's main CSR policies is our commitment to sustainable practices. It is what we see as an adaptive and continuously evolving process of lean and green quality initiatives. Within this initiative, it is our focus and goal to reduce the various types of waste our company product processes produce. also It is also this company’s goal to find and implement ways to reduce its environmental impact in the use of the precious and limited resources that are available, and also on the impact this company has on commonly used resources. Resources, such as electricity, which are used not only in our production lines, but also in our consumer products. We as a company, and as a part of our...
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