Green Computing

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Title: Green Computing- approaches: virtualization and terminal servers


The rise of energy conservation and environmental issues has made concern to Information Communications Technology (ICT) Industry to reduce the impact of these global affairs. The business community consciousness has shifted the economical and social issues together to end up with the premium solution prior to the problems stated. Selecting Green Computing as major solution to indulge with the media related issues is the wise decision. As promoting the Green Computing increase the business sustainability in restoring and maintaining the mother Earth while evolving the ICT Industry. In this paper, will be discussing on the Green Computing approach regarding to Virtualization and Terminal Servers which include the definition, the advantages of virtualization and the methodology used by IBM virtualization implementation.

Keywords: Virtual servers, virtualization, terminal servers, terminal services, data center, servers, application software and computing resources.

Green Computing

Green computing involve with the practice of using the computing resources in an efficient ways. Technically, the Green Computing usually related to the reduction and usage management of computing resources such as, the management of electronic waste, telecommunicating, reducing the use of hazardous materials and during the lifetime of a computer, maximizing the energy efficiency.

In order to implement Green Computing, the practice of implementing policies and products which is contributes in improving the computing resources efficiency also such a way to deduce the environmental impact of the utilization of computing resources.

According to “Triple Bottom Line” a principle that defines, each and every enterprises success is depend on their social performance, environmental and economic management. The rise of Green Computing is to ensure a long-term economic availability increase of our dependency on limited resources. The need of Green Computing as to able the planet to maintain it sustainability- as in the ability for it to be at consistent level of resources.

In other hand, the issues of greenhouse gases, global warming and lack of enough power have increased it numbers of more political correct to be done in order to lessen the amount of computing resources. The consequences of the power used in computing has effect of global warming as according to BBC, which stated that the emission of 2% of total CO2 comes from the ICT Industry. The reason why ICT Industry is responsible for the emission of 2% of total CO2 because, the resources used to provide the electricity sources emitting hazardous greenhouse gases. In fact, it consume lots of electricity since the equipment used in data centers produces so much heat that is essential for the use of cooling equipment as it reduce the operating temperature.

Based on that, the Green Computing is an essential way in order to reduce the amount of power resources while it reduces the effect of global warming.

Virtualization and Terminal Server

Based on the definition of virtualization, the means of the abstraction of computer resources-which explain the process of running one set of physical hardware that originates from two or more logical computer system.

1. The history of Virtualization

It started when the IBM mainframe Operating System of late 1960s, but only being commercialized in early 1990s. When the IBM first introduce the IBM 7044 or M44 in 1960, the technology environment give each user an image experimental of 44X-which the 44X is actually the copies of M44.

According to IBM, the idea was the time-sharing. As their objectives are to utilize the used of the Big Mainframe created. But the running program end up with hold on state that waiting for peripherals. Soon they believe that in order to utilize the resources, they need to...
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