Green Computing

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“Green Computing: Current Trend in Network Design and Management”


Recently, the rapid adoption usage of Information Technology (IT) has exploded in various areas. IT have given us a lots of benefit to us by improving our daily lives,reduce our workload, and communicate with each other beyond the boundaries at anytime and anywhere. With of all these excitement plus the advancement in mobile devices, people start to forget that all these good things can cause very serious harm to the society and even to the world.

If we turn back time to about a decade ago, when IT are about to start to develop all around the world, the big issues about the environment are global warming, open burning, cut down trees illegally, disposal of toxic goods to the river, air pollution and green house emission. At that time, governments are trying very hard to alerting society about how important to take care about the environments and to keeps the world as a better place for the next generation. Many initiatives have been made and some are very successful. However now, the world is now evolving to the new world where IT became the most important element in our lives and because of that also make IT became the main factors contributed to environmental problems. Unfortunately, lots of people do not realize it. Even some them said IT is a savior that help reduce the consumption of paper and activities cut down trees illegally.

IT has been contributes lots to the environmental issues. For example, desktop, laptop and other IT hardware consume higher amounts of electricity and even contributing to greenhouse gas releases. The worse is even during its manufacture and its disposal also contributes to environmental problems (Murugesan, 2008).

In order to minimize environmental impacts of IT, green computing initiatives has been enforce. Green computing is defined as a study of the effective design, plan, produce, dispose, and recycle of computers and other computer related products (Scheid, 2011). Green computing aims to accomplish environmental sustainability. Apart from this, green computing also targets to maximize energy productivity, encourage IT recycling and reduce IT material disposal. There areseveral current trends of green computing in network design and management which focus on planning, designing and implementing sustainable IT solutions.


One of the current trends that implement green computing in network design and management is through planning. Planning towards green computing usually is more likely to be practice in the organization level. This is because if the top management of one organization enforce the green computing initiatives and policies, all the employees although they like or not need to follow the policies that the company implement. To be more effective, government can use their veto to enforce rules for all the organizations to implement green computing element in their organization. Any organizations that failed to follow rules will need to pay fines.

All the organization should aware their responsibility to support green computing and protect the environment. As a starting point, an organization should develop a sustainable green computing planning (HP Total Care). To do so, discussion needs to be made between the top management and IT workers about the features that can be factored into the plan, as well as organization strategies and checklists towards green computing initiatives. The plan should include recycling policies, recommendations for disposal for old equipment and also recommendations for purchasing green computing environment.

As for the recycling policies, the organization should remove the old and unwanted hardware equipment in an appropriate way. This is because computer hardware has chemical material that release harmful emissions that can pollute the environment. Instead of discard the hardware in a...
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