Green Chile

Topics: Chili con carne, Mexican cuisine, Cuisine of the Southwestern United States Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: August 2, 2010
“Green Chile”
The poem “Green Chile,” by Jimmy Baca, is more than what it seems. The poem is literally about two chile peppers, a green one and a red one. Yes, they are both very similar in the aspect of being peppers, but they are very different because of the symbolism that each of them holds. The speaker of the poem is a grandson that loves on pepper over another, and the author describes that well in his poem. The imagery in this poem seems to be very sensual in some areas, and in others it just shows the setting of the poem. (last sentence). Although the basic meaning of the poem is about two different types of chiles, the symbolism within it is very strong.

The poem includes a grandson that dislikes green chile over red chile. When the author writes, “But grandmother loves green chile,” the reader knows that the speaker is a grandson because he speaks about the woman as his grandmother (11). As the reader moves on in the poem, they notice that the grandson does things for his grandmother even though he dislikes it. The poet wrote, “as she serves me green chile con carne,” and with this quote, the reader already knows that the speaker prefers red chile over green chile (32). Even though the speaker does not like the green chile, he still ate it. The author wrote, “I slurp from my plate / with last bit of tortilla, my mouth burns

/and I hiss and drink a tall glass of cold water (36-38). With the speaker eating the green chile, he proves that he has respect for his grandmother. This shows that he is a respectful man and that he does not like to disappoint his elders.

The images used to describe the green chile are very graphic. When the grandmother is preparing the green chile, the author described it as, “my grandmother takes sensuously in her hand, / rubbing its firm glossed sides, / caressing the oily rubbery serpent, / with mouth -watering fulfillment, / fondling its curves with gentle fingers” (20-24). This could be a type of symbolism for some...
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